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Capitaine Nô still says yes as his career continues

The canadian composer
Février 1984

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Capitaine Nô


Capitaine Nô still says yes as his career continues

Despite having up and down in the music business during the la ten years, Pierre Leith, known in Québec as Capitaine Nô, is still at it and has just re1eased a 45 rpm single on his own labe1.

The single, entitled La crise, backed with Pense à ton rêve is the latest song in a long list of recordings released by Capitaine Nô since 1972. In 1975, Capitaine Nô signed with RCA “during the fat days of recording in Quebec”, and released a self titled album in Canada and shortly thereafter, in France. The second album for RCA was Difficile, and both records were supported by tours in Quebec, with one single released for each album.

After the excitement of working with RCA, Capitaine Nô found himself once again to be a one- man operation, managing himself, booking his gigs, directing musicians, and designing his record jackets.

In 1980, Capitaine Nô produced his third album entitled Capitaine Nô et le Bing Bang Band, receiving good reviews In Ontario and New Brunswick. At radio station CIMO-FM in Magog, Quebec, one of the songs from the album, Ville de rien, was played every night for almost two years.

Capitaine Nô's music is “a fusion of current musical styles: blues, rock, pop"; the "Cap" plays guitar, harmonica, drum synthesizer, and sings. A Capitaine Nô show is energetic. funny, with monologues interspersing the songs, and, says the singer-songwriter, the harmonicas “really blow!”


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